Heal your spirit, gain clarity and alignment with greatness


Heal your spirit, gain clarity and alignment with greatness

Our Mission Is To Create a Safe Space For People To Express Their Emotions And Heal Their Hearts.

A safe haven of healing

We strive to empower individuals with the tools they need to take control of their mental health and wellbeing.

Help you find clarity & purpose

We offer a range of resources that are designed to help you find clarity, purpose and direction in life.

Grow & transform with us

At Holy Healing Chronicles, we believe in the power of transformation - no matter where you are on your journey.

Holy Healing Chronicles Allows Us To Release Freely With No Judgment On Emotions We Face Today.

Having support of others who have been through what your face will give comfort to you in knowing you are not alone.

We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated book, HEALING A HOLY HEART, is now available! This captivating masterpiece is a must-read

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We deeply appreciate your support and belief in the power of storytelling. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Hi! I'm April Finley

Founder/CEO of Holy Healing Chronicles Inc.

Throughout the years of my life, I’ve always desired to give back and help our communities. Being a single mother of 4, once homeless, giving birth to a child in a shelter, and starting from scratch there was a lot of support that I needed. I made a promise to myself that if I was ever in position to be of support to others as some advocates were for me, I would build a platform for others to have that same comfort of being free to release. By the grace of God, I can keep my word.

In my healing journey, I had to release a lot of pain, hurt, and anger. Now that I’ve went through the healing journey, I’m able to focus on my spiritual journey to which God brought me to the forefront, so that I can confidently support and assist in rebuilding our community. So now I’m here, able to live out my dream in being an advocate in our community, helping to encourage, support and empower others to heal their hearts, so that they can be a testimony for others.

We Believe You Deserve To Be Free To Express Your Feeling

Holy Healing Chronicles believe that everyone should be free to express their feelings without being judged.

Having a place to release these emotions openly with others who have experience or conquer challenges in giving support like no other. Our private 1-on-1 virtual zoom groups allow us to come together and release those emotions with a plethora of support from individuals who have begun the healing process and/or spiritual journey.

Trust The Process

There are 3 steps that we find to be critical to the healing process.

When we begin the healing process, we have also decided to start our spiritual journey. For those who haven’t experience this healing phase or begun their spiritual journey, it isn’t easy. However, once you find you and release all that has hindered you in your healing process, it’ll be all worth it.


Admitting and accepting how you have allowed yourself to get in your own way. No one has control over you but you. The acknowledgment phase is when you critique your own self. This is a difficult process because you must face yourself and acknowledge everything that you have allowed to disturb your peace. This could be relationships, environments, wellness, etc. Whatever it is that you have welcomed into your space that doesn’t align with greatness in your life; you must acknowledge it and become uncomfortable so that you can begin the next steps.


Once you have acknowledged, we must begin learning how to cope with things that can trigger each emotion. With coping, we now know what triggers our emotions in a negative way so starting a game-plan to work around the negative energy is essential. Emotions are a part of our everyday life however, learning to control those emotions by using coping mechanisms allows us to regain control of ourselves. This process will be a challenge, so having a strong support team is a must.


Releasing the toxicity in your life is a step that we can conquer. When it’s been released from you; the journey of self-love starts. This is when we set boundaries and goals on how to better improve the situation that comes to distract us and things we longer will tolerate.  Coping has allowed you to manage your emotions, to better identify the things that are peace v.s. distress.  Positivity and tranquility will only be welcomed.

Services & Events

Virtual Discussions

These discussions will be done weekly with topics that are relatable in everyday life. Our virtual discussion will be private on zoom, you will be able to register online to be a part of the discussion. Because these discussions are private, there will be a few questions you will have to answer before gaining access. Everyone has a voice in these discussions and we will not hold back any emotions. There will be open groups that will be placed on all social media platforms for support in our communities. "Supporting Breakdowns, Encourage Breakthroughs"

In Person Discussions

Monthly face to face conversation discussing about relatable in everyday life. We will delve deeper into the idea of healing and what it means to each of us. We talked about the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and seeking professional help when needed. We also discussed the role of community and social support in promoting healing and resilience. Everyone has a voice in these discussions and we will not hold back any emotions. There will be open groups that will be placed on all social media platforms for support in our communities. "Supporting Breakdowns, Encourage Breakthroughs"

Healing Retreats

Healing retreat offers workshops, seminars that focus on different topics of spirituality and personal growth. These sessions provide an opportunity for participants to gain new insights and skills that can help maintain newfound sense of wellbeing. These retreat typically take place in serene and secluded locations, such as lush forests, pristine beaches, or mountainous landscapes, and offer a range of activities and services to promote healing and relaxation. .

Community Fundraising Events

These fundraising activity includes food drives, back to school giveaways of supplies, holiday events free to the communities, fundraisers for local hospital, shelters and individuals in need et and more. Community fundraising events can be a great way to bring people together and build a sense of community spirit while also supporting each other.

Veteran support

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our veterans who have served our nation with honor. Our veteran support services aim to address the unique challenges that veterans may face as they transition back to civilian life or cope with the aftermath of their service. Whether you're seeking assistance with healthcare, mental health, employment, or any other aspect of your life, we are here to help you navigate the journey and find the support you deserve.

mental health support

Taking care of your emotions is paramount. For individuals seeking guidance, counseling, and resources to manage life's challenges, we offer mental health support services. We help you find healing and peace, regardless of the mental health issue you're facing.

low-income support

Individuals and families can be stressed by financial constraints. Holy Healing Chronicles is committed to providing low-income support to those in need. Our services include access to resources, financial counseling, and programs designed to help you succeed financially. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of their economic circumstances, and we are here to lend a helping hand on your journey toward a brighter future.

breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is a significant health concern affecting countless individuals and families worldwide. We are dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and providing support to those impacted by this disease. Our breast cancer awareness initiatives aim to educate, inform, and empower individuals with knowledge about early detection, prevention, and available resources. We also offer a supportive community for breast cancer survivors and their loved ones, fostering hope, resilience, and strength throughout the journey.

Join us on the path to healing, growth and personal development as we explore ways to bring out the best in ourselves

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